INTERVIEW with Carrie Hodges aka Auzel

Carrie Hodges

Carrie Hodges

AUTOreverse #14, summer 2011
Carrie Hodges aka
interviewed by
Ian C Stewart 

Old was recorded when I was young, in various ways and places, from 1991 to 2003.  I was 18 when we recorded the two earliest songs on Chris [Reider]’s crappy second-hand 4 track. We were living with my parents at the time, in a claustrophobic little room. Life kind of sucked. But that was 20 years ago, and I don’t remember much other than being incredibly self-conscious. When Chris had me improvise some singing over a track of his guitar playing, it was nearly impossible for me, and I was practically crying by the end. For the other early song, he and I sang into each other’s mouths. I can only describe it as a kissing didgeridoo. The feeling of the vibrations is what I remember.

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PODCAST: AUTOreverse Podcast 8


AUTOreverse Magazine






August 20, 2011

0. Ian C Stewart – “AUTOreverse Theme”
1. Auzel – “She Turned Into The Dog” from OLD
2. Knitting By Twilight – “Biddeford Pool” from WEATHERING
3. Devilcake – “Salad Bar Man” from EATING THE GOSPEL
4. Jon 7 – “Sunset” from LIGHT AREAS
5. Aric and the Episodes – “Boy Crazy” from I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ALL ALONG
6. Wendell K – “Steam (20:8 Remix)”
7. Dino DiMuro – “My Name Is Print” from OUTTAKES UNIVERSE
8. Translucent Mirror – “Flow Of Life Interrupted” from FUZZY LANDSCAPES
9. Evan Peta – “All My Lovin'” from ZEN BY DEFAULT
10. Anixas – “Zectec 117” from ZECTEC
11. Love Calvin – “Green Pea Soup” from WHAT’S LEFT, VOL. 4
12. C. Reider -“We Will Make You Whole” from OWNING EXTINCTIONS
13. Crippling Deficincey “These Tools Are Pretty Helpfull, Especially The Cry Editor (excerpt)” from I AM TERROR’S SNOOTINESS
14. Ray Carmen “Little Angel” from OLD SCHOOL OLD FOOL
15. Just John – “Huminor” from THE OLD DOUBLE MELMAN
16. Distant Trains – “Sketches” from CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUICIDE
17. Bat Lenny – “These Fragile Thoughts” from SHADOWLAND
18. Todd Skaggs – “Hemidemisemiquaver” from IN THE TEMPLE OF THE BUTCHERED COW
19. Next Big Thing – “Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand” from NBT-4-CNP
20. Russ Stedman – “Heavy Ketchup” from WHY KILL YOURSELF? (1987)
21. Ian C Stewart – “Trail Mix” from ALPHABETICAL FOOD ODYSSEY


AUTOreverse Magazine

autoDIVERSE quagazine


1. FZZY PMPR “Not Fun” from the next EP, which we’ll call ‘hijacked beats’
2. JOHN NEIL – “Snowman” (XTC) from ‘beasts i’ve seen, the xtc fans’ tribute cassette’
3. AUZEL – “I Remember It More Now” from ‘old’
4. LOVE CALVIN – “Burn Victims Suck (Acoustic Version)” from ‘what’s left, volume three’
5. SQUEEGEED CLEAN – “Fake Burzum Ritual” from ‘2010 – Synchronised Fucking Up And Pre-Emptive Flashbacks’
6. DON CAMPAU – “Trial By Fire” from ‘best of don campau, volume two’
7. AMPTEXT + BASS – “Bodyment 2” from ‘nine strings’ split cd
8. IRRELIGION – “Forever Tonight” from ‘cadaver holiday’
7. BRYCE EIMAN – “SK-5 01” from ‘tone whore’
8. MINOR 2049er – “Do The Slam” from ‘unliberated’
9. C. REIDER – “Clathrate Gun Hypothesis” from ‘owning extinctions’
10. KNITTING BY TWILIGHT – “A Thousand Islands” from ‘weathering’
11. SCOTT BROOKMAN – “Everything You Write Sounds To Me Like Death” from ‘the busy world of scott brookman’
12. DAMNED HEAD (PBK) – “Epidural Threat” from ‘into my head’
13. DANIEL PRENDIVILLE “Amnesie…er” from ‘mutant ogre’
14. EVAN PETA – “Spark Generator” from ‘spark generator’
15. TODD SKAGGS “Alimentary Canal” from ‘rodomontodd’
16. BENTWITHLIGHT – “Monster” from ‘burnt offerings’
17. XOLOSTAR WARRIOR – “Control The Mind Circle”
18. DARRIN AILES – “If You Would Leave” from ‘ruthless angelic cherubs, volume two’
19. EVIL BREAD – “Purple Pie Pizza”, from ‘Live At Apollo’s!’


REVIEW: Auzel – “Old” — 2011

Auzel - Old

Auzel - Old

Old – download, 2011
14 shortish pieces. Micro, minimalistic. Lots of samples, surrounded by rustic, homemade vocal drones. “I Remember It More Now” is a couple of rhythmic, glitchy loops beset by noise-abuse. “The Maid And The Cook” is kooky and frenetic, using some seriously high frequencies amid piano and xylophone-type sounds. Like a lost piece by Skinner Box. “Incorrect Spell” continues similarly, maybe like one of the early Rasputina album interludes. “Too True” is an all-too-brief vocal piece that sounds like some lost record on 4AD that I wish I had heard before. Wow. “Herringbone” is a whispery, breathy, trippy, heavily-processed conversation. “She Turned Into The Dog” is just gorgeous ambience, sounds like an echoey cello or an e-bow with a bit of humming on top. This album is scary and weird. I like it very much. A mighty fine release.
Ian C Stewart