INTERVIEW with Mike Cosma aka XoloStar Warrior, Anixas, etc.

Mike Cosma

Mike Cosma

AUTOreverse #14, summer 2011
Mike Cosma
aka Xolostar Warrior
aka  Anixas
aka Black Acid Development
interviewed by
Ian C Stewart 

Mike, hello. Is there anything you’re feeling particularly mouthy about at the moment?

You know, I want to say things and shake people up and slap them silly and say “what are you thinking?”

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AUTOreverse Magazine

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1. FZZY PMPR “Not Fun” from the next EP, which we’ll call ‘hijacked beats’
2. JOHN NEIL – “Snowman” (XTC) from ‘beasts i’ve seen, the xtc fans’ tribute cassette’
3. AUZEL – “I Remember It More Now” from ‘old’
4. LOVE CALVIN – “Burn Victims Suck (Acoustic Version)” from ‘what’s left, volume three’
5. SQUEEGEED CLEAN – “Fake Burzum Ritual” from ‘2010 – Synchronised Fucking Up And Pre-Emptive Flashbacks’
6. DON CAMPAU – “Trial By Fire” from ‘best of don campau, volume two’
7. AMPTEXT + BASS – “Bodyment 2” from ‘nine strings’ split cd
8. IRRELIGION – “Forever Tonight” from ‘cadaver holiday’
7. BRYCE EIMAN – “SK-5 01” from ‘tone whore’
8. MINOR 2049er – “Do The Slam” from ‘unliberated’
9. C. REIDER – “Clathrate Gun Hypothesis” from ‘owning extinctions’
10. KNITTING BY TWILIGHT – “A Thousand Islands” from ‘weathering’
11. SCOTT BROOKMAN – “Everything You Write Sounds To Me Like Death” from ‘the busy world of scott brookman’
12. DAMNED HEAD (PBK) – “Epidural Threat” from ‘into my head’
13. DANIEL PRENDIVILLE “Amnesie…er” from ‘mutant ogre’
14. EVAN PETA – “Spark Generator” from ‘spark generator’
15. TODD SKAGGS “Alimentary Canal” from ‘rodomontodd’
16. BENTWITHLIGHT – “Monster” from ‘burnt offerings’
17. XOLOSTAR WARRIOR – “Control The Mind Circle”
18. DARRIN AILES – “If You Would Leave” from ‘ruthless angelic cherubs, volume two’
19. EVIL BREAD – “Purple Pie Pizza”, from ‘Live At Apollo’s!’


REVIEW: Xolostar Warrior – Gorkun Crystal Audio Stream, 2011

Xolostar Warrior  - Gorkun Crystal Audio Stream - 2011

Xolostar Warrior - Gorkun Crystal Audio Stream - 2011

Gorkun Crystal Audio Stream

Soundclick download, 2011
This is a brief introduction to the XoloStar Warrior, whose songs are in the Indietronic category on Soundclick. “Humantron” sounds like one a Buckethead instrumental. Which means it’s funky, heavy and groovy and there’s cool sound effects. And fun. “Zenorama” breaks out the vocal harmonizer and effects, along with the finger-jab drum machine sounds. Nice. Absurd, really. But great! “Para Talk” jumps in with a funky beat and more spaced-out spoken bits which go through every effect known to man. It’s kind of hilarious and great at the same time. Finally, “Go Luup” continues with fragmented beats and rather deranged synth-stabs. Did he just say “shadow of the octopus”? Fun and awesome.
Ian C Stewart