THE ERNIE 4 – “One Baskervoid Frottage – 30 Minutes With The Ernie 4” – stream – 2012

One Baskervoid Frottage

“One Baskervoid Frottage: 30 Minutes With The Ernie 4” Bandcamp stream
Soulful echoes from distant times and spaces, layered and sliced like bisecting the universe itself. This piece is thirty minutes of continuous feelings, the inner tentacles of the mind feeding back on itself. Cross sections of fear enfolding themselves and each other. There are moments. Echoes that sound like trains colliding and collating? The synth? drones throughout and toward the end taunt you, teasing you with what could’ve been! This could’ve been a lost Cyberaktif b-side after all. But no, it couldn’t. It wasn’t, it didn’t. This overarching crescendo comes home, the end. What, do it again? Okay. Let’s go one more time.
Ian C Stewart