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August 20, 2011

0. Ian C Stewart – “AUTOreverse Theme”
1. Auzel – “She Turned Into The Dog” from OLD
2. Knitting By Twilight – “Biddeford Pool” from WEATHERING
3. Devilcake – “Salad Bar Man” from EATING THE GOSPEL
4. Jon 7 – “Sunset” from LIGHT AREAS
5. Aric and the Episodes – “Boy Crazy” from I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ALL ALONG
6. Wendell K – “Steam (20:8 Remix)”
7. Dino DiMuro – “My Name Is Print” from OUTTAKES UNIVERSE
8. Translucent Mirror – “Flow Of Life Interrupted” from FUZZY LANDSCAPES
9. Evan Peta – “All My Lovin'” from ZEN BY DEFAULT
10. Anixas – “Zectec 117” from ZECTEC
11. Love Calvin – “Green Pea Soup” from WHAT’S LEFT, VOL. 4
12. C. Reider -“We Will Make You Whole” from OWNING EXTINCTIONS
13. Crippling Deficincey “These Tools Are Pretty Helpfull, Especially The Cry Editor (excerpt)” from I AM TERROR’S SNOOTINESS
14. Ray Carmen “Little Angel” from OLD SCHOOL OLD FOOL
15. Just John – “Huminor” from THE OLD DOUBLE MELMAN
16. Distant Trains – “Sketches” from CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUICIDE
17. Bat Lenny – “These Fragile Thoughts” from SHADOWLAND
18. Todd Skaggs – “Hemidemisemiquaver” from IN THE TEMPLE OF THE BUTCHERED COW
19. Next Big Thing – “Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand” from NBT-4-CNP
20. Russ Stedman – “Heavy Ketchup” from WHY KILL YOURSELF? (1987)
21. Ian C Stewart – “Trail Mix” from ALPHABETICAL FOOD ODYSSEY

INTERVIEW: Dino DiMuro interviewed by Russ Stedman

Dino DiMuro

Dino DiMuro

AUTOreverse #14, Summer 2011
Questions by Russ Stedman

Do you remember the first record you bought?
Very hard to say. For singles, it could have been PINBALL WIZARD by the Who, or CRIMSON AND CLOVER by Tommy James and the Shondells. Albums, it was probably GOD BLESS TINY TIM or the soundtrack to BONNIE AND CLYDE. And I’d still buy those records. Maybe not HAIR, though.

What bands from childhood have you NOT outgrown?
Probably the Beatles, Beach Boys, Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa. Jimi Hendrix, the Who, and Black Sabbath are still great but I played them way too much. Jethro Tull and Deep Purple, I feel kind of silly now that I was SO into them.

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