REVIEW: Auzel – “Old” — 2011

Auzel - Old

Auzel - Old

Old – download, 2011
14 shortish pieces. Micro, minimalistic. Lots of samples, surrounded by rustic, homemade vocal drones. “I Remember It More Now” is a couple of rhythmic, glitchy loops beset by noise-abuse. “The Maid And The Cook” is kooky and frenetic, using some seriously high frequencies amid piano and xylophone-type sounds. Like a lost piece by Skinner Box. “Incorrect Spell” continues similarly, maybe like one of the early Rasputina album interludes. “Too True” is an all-too-brief vocal piece that sounds like some lost record on 4AD that I wish I had heard before. Wow. “Herringbone” is a whispery, breathy, trippy, heavily-processed conversation. “She Turned Into The Dog” is just gorgeous ambience, sounds like an echoey cello or an e-bow with a bit of humming on top. This album is scary and weird. I like it very much. A mighty fine release.
Ian C Stewart


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