INTERVIEW with Mike Textbeak



AUTOreverse #14, Summer 2011
interview by
Ian C Stewart

Is there anything you’re feeling particularly mouthy about at the moment?
there is a music in the roosts, from deadly war teams of the wildlife colony tubes. Shy is the Wildlife of conflicting del fuegos and the orthodox Soul Nets of recent mystery. in a worship, Nations existed in dinosaur cries of hades.

Let’s talk about your musical influences. Who are your biggest influences and why? Who were your early musical influences?
The torpedo dead court feels abandoned lifted of orthodox ties. New Deal Representatives of Northern Disco, A Cult, Changes today. Today is April, i walk down a private telegram of golden books imported by a theory of our predecessors.

My biggest influences I would have to say would probably be Coil, Cabaret Voltaire, early PiL, Skinny Puppy, Clock DVA, Click Click, early Cocteau Twins, Cindytalk, etc…I like specific albums by artists that seem to fit together in my head like a blueprint. Cocteau Twins – Garlands, Siouxsie – Kaleidoscope, The Cure – Pornography and Seventeen Seconds, Cindytalk – Camouflage Heart, PiL – Metal Box, etc…

As a child I was influenced by my grandparents who always had me listening to classical..prolly Beethoven was my favorite as a child…my uncle was a big stoner and was always always listening to classic rock so I really dug Pink Floyd when I was young. My grandparents had me reading encyclopedias and watching documentaries when I was very young and I was engrossed with animals and science and science fiction. I found that I was drawn to sound FX and to music that was unusual or had shocking sounds in it. I came to an understanding at an early age that all sound is music, everything has a pitch, and grooves can be created out of phrases of anything. That’s prolly what influenced me to make songs out of bird sounds and my grandmother whistling among other odds and ends of sources.

ʄ≜uxmuℭica – No ☨ Age (TEXTBEAK st▲dtgverill▲ rmx)

Where do you see your music heading?
i see infinite possibilities. i have a definite sound and direction, yet describing it in functional words seems almost impossible..i have some diagrams 😉

What music software do you use?
logic, ableton live, sonicworx, soundforge, fruity loops

Is there any other music software you plan on getting?
nu-clear bomb
cold phusion weapons visualization virus imaging computer or important systems disintegrated questions butterfly as the deaths of science biotragedy killed and edge about the future in a world go in the people growing space in the depths of chaos used to visualize written material lure photographic arrangements lunar angels diurnal explorers of the galaxy and future expanding headfirst into major areas at devastation of the brain a page of graphics accelerated but he was named seventh tragedy the software terrorist the supernova the large brain energy snowball effect the size and shape of an always on your mind for insertion of significant development tiny well focused but different in cross packages a face appears before you

What’s in your home studio setup?
computers, roland w-30, cd players, various odds and ends

Do you write songs on keyboards or guitar?
keyboard and/or computer

Talk about your latest project.
latest has been my radio show TXTBK’s CH▼ЯCH X▼ BЯXK3N 7▲NG▼▲G3 Sundays 10pm-midnight and wednesdays 8-10pm eastern on
Every week i do a 2 hour mix of new witch, experimental, industrial, electro, and classics and try to bring it all together into a tasty melange with a theme of sorts.
I’m also about to do a mix of exclusive tracks by Story of Isaac, Click Click, Crossover, Alien Sex Fiend, Mascara, Mellow Grave, and tons of other amazing artists for the
▲WI╪CHBØØK▲ group on FB. I did a weird dub edit of “Mind” by Talking Heads and OS OVNI wrote a whole new song around it. It’s going to be exclusive on the WB mix.

Working on a bunch of stuff right now…


Textbeak’s screwed down bootleg of Ministry’s “I Wanted to Tell Her” from With Sympathy.

Can you describe your songwriting methods?
better show u a diagram 😉
i generally start with a drawing or diagram on paper and with some bits of words and ideas…
then i round up a bunch of random sample sources and start to organize them into structural pieces parts. next i work on structural grooves or loops and musical phrases….somewhere in here it starts to write itself…
(i normally leap about like a madman and clap in delight at this point…)
at random points, i consult charts i make for randomizing outcomes in unexpected ways.
one of my tracks called witchdoctor actually has me reading one of the charts in the background of the track with the words i am saying effecting the track as i say them…

then there is post-production ;>

i generally try to make tracks sound as obnoxious and shitty as possible LOL
I think that’s why I dig Nattymari’s work so much. He purposefully tries to add as much mud and warble as he can to his tracks. I dig fuckyuck in tracks.

What made you decide to start making music of your own?
peer pressure. all my friends were doing it.

Todd Sines and I used to make a bunch of racket.
we would get some mics with some FX pedals and some metal, and some coffee cans filled with junk, and an autoharp with wires shoved through it, and a bass with the wrong strings on it and try to play everything with screwdrivers.

We then started a band called Dirge that tried to sound as much like Cabaret Voltaire’s Live at the YMCA as possible.
We made a video where we took a mannequin and poured paint stripper on it and set it on fire in my basement and almost all choked to death on the sudden thick black smoke. We used that video for the High School Battle of the Bands and surprisingly won third place making absolute racket. My friend Kasson of Symbion Project (aka The Duke from Freezepop) had a Ensoniq EPS and was making synth-pop. I always found it totally crazy to watch him assemble tracks out of pieces, synths, and drum beats. I decided that the only way could really truly express myself and construct whole tracks would be to get a workstation myself and get into it. I got a Roland W-30 and started making tracks out of sample snippets. Todd and I eventually moved to Columbus, Ohio and we started making rave tracks. Titonton Duvante and Charles Noel joined up and we started calling the group Body Release. About a year later i felt I had to get back to my roots and do some serious more experimental/industrial work. I left B|Re and they went on to form the elemental collective. i moved to minneapolis and started putting all my loose ideas together. i holed up in the attic of the old house i was staying in for a couple of months and organized parts into a flow of tracks. i moved back to Ohio and assembled these into the first Bath album.

Are you active in your local music scene?
yes, somewhat. I DJ out every couple of months or so locally. I have held several weekly gigs, but the scene in Ohio isn’t really there for what i do. it’s better if i just play out a few choice shows rather than tons of other random gigs. I’d rather do the weekly radio show.
i just feel fairly removed from the current industrial scene as it seems to be populated with bad future-pop ebm and metal. i just don’t feel like i have any connection to that stuff. i also feel removed from most of the club scene as it seems to still be focusing on dubstep, house, and wonky bassline tracks.

Who would you like to collaborate with on new music?
i have a laundry list of peeps that i’d love to work with..
just about any of the artists i’m into right now..or any of my influences…Click Click, Gordon Sharp, Richard H Kirk, TWP, LPD, Seefeel, autechre, after the flood, etc

What other bands are you excited by?
so many..
there’s just so much new good music out there right now. mascara, story of isaac, teams, strange powers, myrrh ka ba, nattymari, party trash, drugs for drunks, mater suspiria vison, ritualz, funerals, ∆AIMON, fostercare, I††, VALIS, crossover, RAIN, modern witch, //TENSE//, meddicine, sixth june, white ring, Gatekeeper etc…

What’s next for you, musically speaking?
working up to my next set of diagrams… ;>

What did I forget to ask you?

How do u imagine your music?
Love and death.
Giant, how a monster must feel, the slow course of life ticking upon them.




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thank you, Textbeak!