INTERVIEW: Paul Caporino of M.O.T.O (Masters Of The Obvious)



AUTOreverse #14, Summer 2011
(Masters Of The Obvious)
interviewed by
Ian C Stewart

Let’s talk about your musical influences. Who are your biggest influences and why? Who were your early musical influences?
PC: Mostly recordings of popular music of all genres dating back to…….

Where do you see your music heading?

Not sure, but it’s getting there.

What music software do you use?
I haven’t home-recorded in a long time. Right now I’ve got an old cassette 4-track in my car, but I don’t have a microphone. Hopefully I can find a cheap one soon.

Is there any other music software you plan on getting?

I’m kind of semi-homeless now. I’ve just been recording with whoever can record me with whatever gear they’ve got. It’s usually ProTools.

What’s in your home studio setup?
A Fostex cassette 4-track with two mic inputs and no ping-ponging. I paid $25 for it back in 1992.

Do you write songs on keyboards or guitar?
Mostly in my head. Will usually figure them out on guitar.

Talk about your latest release.
It’s called Pack Your Troubles In Dreams. I went to tour in Australia for a week and stayed 2 & 1/2 months between Feb-Apr 2011. I was lucky enough to meet Dean Muller of The Cosmic Psychos/Mogadon Studio who recorded and drummed on 13 of the 18 songs on the album. I also recorded with Ally Spazzy of The Spazzys on drums/backing vocals on 5 songs at Static Attack Studio in Cockatoo outside of Melbourne. It’s available as a download at – as well as other albums at

Can you describe your songwriting methods?
When an idea comes to me that I like, I try to develop it. I’ve been meaning to get a notebook to keep ideas. I’ll probably go to a Walgreens and get one. I used to be more conventionally disciplined than I am now.

What made you decide to start making music of your own?
When I saw the back of a Beatles LP when I was a little kid in the mid-60s, and the songs were mostly credited to “Lennon-McCartney”. Even at that age I knew that was important.

Are you active in your local music scene?
I try to play local shows in the New Orleans area, and I try to see shows if friends are playing. But mostly I’m either on the road, or trying to get back on the road.

Who would you like to collaborate with on new music?
Right now the original members of M.O.T.O. from the early-mid 1980s, Mike and Jeff Tomeny. We’ve reunited and are writing songs, at least two of which are going to be on a split-single with King Louie’s Missing Monuments. Haven’t got a label yet though.

What other bands are you’re excited by?
I don’t like to see bands nowadays. They usually don’t have good songs. They play too loud and the singers end up screaming over the instruments. They think that by turning up loud that they’re rocking – and they’re WRONG.

What’s next for you, musically speaking?
On tour now, playing in Philadelphia tonight. Here’s my tour schedule –

Download the new release, for only $6.66.
Pack Your Troubles In Dreams (Recorded in Australia)
thank you, Paul!