REVIEW: Dislocated Tones – “Compound Fractures” compilation, 2011

Dislocated Tones - Compound Fractures, 2011

Dislocated Tones - Compound Fractures, 2011

Compound Fractures, download 2011

Here’s a fun compilation that’s all over the place, stylistically speaking. Chuck Hoffman’s opening track is called “Feline & Toddler Vomitorium,” it’s a neat pile of Casio sampler loops. “Twenty Four” by Arcade is noisy and spaced-out dub, can it be? Yes, it can be. Large beats and fractious beats, and squelched synth stuff. I enjoy. Sampleman also takes a funk-friendly approach with “Small Pink & Black Alien”. “Carbon” by Yenoc is another toe-tapper, with its upbeat synth burbles and vocoder vocals. The majority of the other tracks are quite noisy and abrasive., in a couple of cases straddling the line between noise and order. “Ophelia As A Cyborg” by Haru Yasumi is a noisy bit of FUNK, so it’s what, IDM, is that the category? That is the noisiest funk track this side of my own work as FZZY PMPR. I like it a lot, though all of the pieces were interesting in their own ways.
Ian C Stewart


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