INTERVIEW: Greg Stomberg of Syberite, etc.

Stomberg Susnara

Stomberg Susnara

AUTOreverse #14, Summer 2011
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Scott Stikla

When did you first become aware/ interested in sound in general and what do you remember of your earliest ‘hearing ‘experiences whether musical or not?
When I was in kindergarten we got out of class early because jfk was shot, one of my earliest memories, then in feb i remember running across the street yelling ‘the beatles are on tv, the beatles are on tv’, we made guitars out of boards and rubber bands in 1964 when i was 6 or 7, a great year, well, not for jfk i guess.

What was the first instrument/sound making thing of any kind you played/owned? Did it come to you or did you go looking for it?
Rubber band guitars, but seriously i bought my first real guitar in 1977 from g w smith, bruce schwitters was teaching me some chords so he could play lead.

So did you take instrument lessons of any kind or did you just go off and learn to play yourself? And what about your earliest ‘jams’ with other people?
Bruce and jim had syberite in 77 and let me join to be singer songwriter, then i was taught some guitar.

How did you approach forming your first bands? mates in the garage kinda thing or advertising for players etc? And when did you do this, how early did you get band stuff going?
I wanted to write like yes or moody blues poetry.


So aside from songwriters & bands what about experimental stuff, noise, free form kinda sound that some wouldn’t call ‘music’ how did you come about that stuff? What acts, artistsn of this nature did you first hear/like? When did you realize others actually did this sorta stuff on purpose,by preference?
Thomas Sutter’s Green Lion Audio Theater was the first noise collage music i had ever heard back in 91, we collaborated on his next comp tape ‘thee festival of light’, awesome sound i had heard of a lou reed double album where he used construction machinery to make his music but never heard it, i read in high times once this guy used only animal sounds as music and wrote to him but he never wrote back, i collaborated with bryan kieser in the early 90’s on a ‘beak’ and beak two’ sound collage project, also had my daughter valerie on it.

How about other forms of art…whether doing it yourself or as a fan or both, writing, painting, drawing, reading etc When & how did you get into these things, what influenced you in other creative fields aside from music & sound?I did the shitkickin kid mini comics in the 90’s and painted a few pictures, drew a few things, did a lot of art on my videos

What role, if any, have various ‘altered states of consciousness’ whether it be drugs, sleep deprivation, belief in bizarre powers etc played in your musical life, as listener or creator?
I can neither confirm or deny any rumors to that subject.

Equipment, instruments, sound gadgets, home recording gear etc can you list and/or tell us a bit about different things you’ve used over the years, favorites you’ve had?
I began with reel, moved onto stereo cassettes, then converted all cassettes to cd’s, took cd’s and added videos on dvd, now trying to upload it all


Can you list (and tell us a little about) all the bands you’ve been a member of and any releases or performances you’ve done solo or played a part in some way over the years?
I was physically in ; syberite, g w smith and family, cook / stomberg / hultquist, space ocean…. but i have collaborated with dan susnara, micky saunders, ken clinger, don campau, david dz, volkswhale, tony boies, t sutter, bryan kieser, c goff, empire, k grant, jim hauser, j peterson, and maybe a few i missed

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