REVIEW: Greg Stomberg and Dan Susnara – The Second Acid Fest – CD 2010

The Second Acid Fest CD, 2010
Metroweb Studios
Greg Stomberg excitedly relates an apparently true tale about a drug party. Dan Susnara’s music bed is comprised of samples, sound effects, guitars, and other stuff. The vibe is folky and spacey, befitting the subject. “And Other Chemical Misadventures Of” opens the proceedings with eight and a half minutes of sprawl. “On Blackhawk’s Land” adds a hint of menace to the trippy vibe, with heavily-effected drones flying around in both directions. This album takes full advantage of the stereo spectrum, again befitting the hallucinatory subject matter. Expansive and grandiose, this is the opposite of easy listening. “We’re All Working For The Common Good” fires up a bluesy bit of distorted guitar and drum machine, which is like Ministry with Joe Walsh or something. “…what are you talkin’ about, man…?” looped. One might ask the same of you. “Exports, Procession And Wolfbiker” is eighteen and a half minutes of freaked-out funhouse vibe, which is like Skinny Puppy’s “Spahn Dirge,” conceptually, at least. Pretty in some spots, rockin’ in others. “Ambling Down,” the closer, is definitely more along the rockin’, riffin’, almost prog rock-like in scope. Lo-fi prog rock for stoned baby boomers.
Ian C Stewart