QRD #51 – Indie Comics Special

QRD #51

Silber Media / Brian John Mitchell’s long-running online publication QRD is up to issue number 51. Interviewees include
‘Lil – Tiny Tommy Comics
Kimberlee Traub – Worms
Liz Suburbia – Sacred Heart & Cyanide Milkshake
Michael Anthony Carroll – R.A.In.B.O.W, AsthmaAttack, The Accidentals, Death Takes on Holidays, The Kernal
Mike Kitchen – Spy Guy
Sloane Leong – Crooked Root & Maschinell
Troy Little – Angora Napkin & Chiaroscuro
Wayne Wise – Grey Legacy & Chaos Punks
Blair Kitchen – The Possum
David Lawrence – Mercy Thompson: Moon Called, Alpha & Omega: Cry Wolf, & Ex-Mutants
Dawn Best – VARULV, Sonic the Hedgehog, & Sylvanna
ED – Peculiar Comics
Gary Scott Beatty – Jazz: Cool Birth
Jack Knifley – Haunted & Break The Line
Jason Strutz – The Order of Dagonet
William Schaff – Dead in Disemboque

Brian also notes: new issues coming soon with label owners, guitarists, indie comic folks & more.