AUTOreverse Issue One excerpt (1995)

AUTOreverse Issue One

AUTOreverse Issue One

My First Tape Recorder by Ian C Stewart

Pretend you care for a minute. On my 8th birthday, I got my first tape recorder. I’m sure my mom grew to regret her choice of gifts within hours of giving it to me. I took it with me everywhere. Mostly I remember recording myself reacting to the other kids in the neighborhood and at school. There was also a brief period where I stood there with the tape recorder every time I had to pee. You know… compare the lengths of each pee, etc. As a kid, it seemed like research but now it would be some kind of joke. I also recorded a lot of things on radio and TV. Recording was always more important than listening, which I rarely did. I often recorded over entire tapes without even listening to them. One of these days I’ll break out those old tapes from 1980 and surprise myself with what I find. I hope. Then again, it could be a bunch of classic rock b.s. from the radio. QFM for 2 hours or some shit.

Ian C Stewart