PODCAST: AUTOreverse 2010 Podcast Episode 1 – Remastered & Expanded Edition

AUTOreverse Magazine

autoDIVERSE quagazine

AUTOreverse Podcast 1
remastered edition

fzzy pmpr “crzytrn (c. reider train that won’t stop boy mix)”
ian c stewart “start here”
russ stedman “prowler”
jamie barnes “the fallen acrobat”
body full of stars “we’re all americans now”
any crowded ceiling “pigtown”
crook’d finger “ycd”
russ stedman “why am i alive”
devilcake “deez nuts”
drone forest “drone forest vs anne murray”
samarkand “down in the valley (for diva)”
velveeta heartbreak “i shot the invisible man”
ian c stewart “dogs on a mousepad”
r. stevie moore “paintings of pairs”
the verdant spiral “chiming breakdown”